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Who I Be

I always find the About Me section of any website to be a symphony of self promotion, lyrical manipulation and overall ball fanning. For that see my resume -->  

So instead of promoting who I am id rather talk about where I am. And where I am is for the first time in the 35 years of my life I find myself excessively stupidly happy and whole on every level. The totality of you depends on your physical, mental and emotional self. Their influence on each other is undeniable so when looking to become the best version of you each of these entities must be addressed.


Physically I have never been in better shape with doing so little, even when I was touring as Mr. USA in my 20's. Mentally my memory, concentration, and overall capacity to solve problems are at an all time peak. Emotionally... finally, after 35 long long years, I feel indestructible. I attribute this focusing on my emotional health just as hard as I did my physical and mental. This concept of Balls Deep Living (BDL) is how I was able to deprogram myself to the original version of me, wiping away the layers of societal stigmata and lust for social acceptance we are programmed with throughout a lifetime. By maximizing my physical self, augmenting my mental potential and streamlining how I wanted to feel not how the world wanted me to I was able to finally unlock what being healthy really meant... loving everyday, living every way, and never settling for being normal.

I consider myself a redneck who happened to get extremely lucky in life and wants to share my formula for living with those looking for something new. Something different. 

LYFE is too short to be boring so never settle for ordinary.. strive for extraordinary because you deserve it.

Life Achievements
  • Mr. USA 2008/2010

  • Published Author/Novelist

  • Certified Scuba Diver

  • International Public Speaker

  • Philanthropist 

Lead by Example

My Goals that Ive Checked Off by 35

- Bungee Jumping (Vic Falls/Thailand/Dallas)

- Sky Diving (PA/Orlando)

- Great White Shark Cage Diving (Cape Town)

- Croc Cage Diving (Zimbabwe) 

- Fly a Plane (Sydney)

- Gorge Rope Swing (Zimbabwe)

- Devils Pool (Zambia)

- Race on a Formula 1 Track (Melbourne)

- Sing Karaoke with a Live Band (Miami Beach) 

- Rappeal/Zip Line through a Jungle (Puerto Vallarta)

- Kayak through Glaciers (Patagonia)

- 3000 Year Old Cocktail (Alaska)

- Free Fall Stunt Man Style (Dallas)

- Paraglide (Valle De Bravo) 

- Ride an Elephant (South Africa) 

- Walk with Lions (South Africa) 

- Cartwheel in a Volcano (Guatemala)

- Visit North Korea (South Korea Border) 

- Hunt in a Kilt with My Father (Scotland)

- Take a Pill in Ibiza (Ibiza) 

- Visit the Amazon (Argentina) 

- Swim with Sea Lions (Puerto Vallarta)

- Save a Rhino (South Africa) 

- Ultralight Over a Nature Wonder (Vic Falls) 

- Drive a Motorcycle (Ducati) 

  • Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine

  • Former Personal Trainer/Sports Nutritionist

  • Certified in Medical Weight Loss, Medical Aesthetics (Botox/Fillers), Hormone Therapy, Anti-Aging, Sexual Health, Pain Management, Laser, and PRP/Stem Cell/Peptide Therapy. 

- Kiss an Elephant on the Lips and Cobra on the Head (Thailand)

- Sak Yang Tattoo from a Monk (Thailand)

- Mirror Lake (Malaysia)

- Complete a Back Flip (Miami)

- First Class Ticket Around the World (2019)

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