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Dr. Ivan Rusilko

Simply put... I came from a small town where I dreamt big and followed through. My father taught me from a young age that the single most important thing in life is leaving it better than when you found it. "It" meaning anything and "better" meaning everything which is whatI intend to do. 

Personally I've never been happier. Physically I've never been fitter. Mentally I've never been strogner. Emotionally... I'm simply indestructible

It has been a long and extremely educational road traveled to find this state of blissful nirvana that I call life. Now, I aim to share the lessons learned both as a physician and as a fan of living life to its fullest with my patients and friends. 

Life's Too Short to be Normal... So Never Try to Be...

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Patient Zero



  • Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine

  • Former Personal Trainer/ Certified Sports Nutritionist

  • Certified in Medical Weight Loss, Medical Aesthetics (Botox/Fillers), Hormone Therapy, Anti-Aging, Sexual Health, Pain Management, Laser, and PRP/Stem Cell/Peptide Therapy. 

  • Owner/Founder Lifestyle Medicine, Plasticity, Balls Deep Living

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Life Lessons

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  • Mr. USA 2008/2010 & Mr. Iron City 2008

  • 3x Published Author/Erotic Novelist

  • International Public Speaker

  • Deans Award Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medical 2010

  • Young Alumni of the Year Mercyhurst 2018

  • Guitarist

  • Has a Sperm Whale Named After Him

  • Certified Formula Car Driver

  • Advanced Scuba Certified 

  • Concealed Carrier & Advanced Weapons Trained

  • Motorcycle Licensed 

  • Rally Car Certified Driver

  • Award Wining Wine Maker


No Regrets

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Check it off

  • - Bungee Jumping (Vic Falls/Thailand/Dallas)

  • - Hang Glide Mile High Club (Florida)

  • - Sky Diving (PA/Orlando/Miami)

  • - Great White Shark Cage Diving (Cape Town)

  • - Croc Cage Diving (Zimbabwe) 

  • - Wing Walking (Sequim)

  • - Fighter Jet Flying/Fighting (Las Vegas)

  • - Gorge Rope Swing (Zimbabwe)

  • - Devils Pool (Zambia)

  • - Race on a Formula 1 Track (Melbourne)

  • - Swim with Alligators (Everglades) 

  • - Zip Line  (Puerto Vallarta)

  • - Kayak through Glaciers (Patagonia)

  • - Walk a Catwalk (Fashion Week NYC/Australia)

  • - Free Fall Stunt Man (Dallas)

  • - Paraglide (Valle De Bravo/Seatle) 

  • - Eat Scorpion (Thailand)

  • - Swim with Moby Dick (Dominca)

  • - Extreme Canyoneering (Dominca)

  • - Avid Hunter and Fisherman (Worldwide)

  • - Ride an Elephant (South Africa/Thailand) 

  • - Walk with Lions (South Africa) 

  • - Stand Inside Active Volcano (Hawaii, Gaut )

  • - Visit North Korea (South Korea Border) 

  • - Traditional Kilt Hunt (Scotland)

  • - Take a Pill in Ibiza (Ibiza) 

  • - Swim with Wild Dolphins (Hawaii, Galapagos) 

  • - Swim with Wild Sea Lions (Galapagos)

  • - Save a Rhino (South Africa) 

  • - Ultralight Over a Nature Wonder (Vic Falls) 

  • - Extreme Tree Climbing (Orca Islands) 

  • - Kiss a Cobra on the Head (Thailand)

  • - Sak Yang Tattoo from a Monk (Thailand)

  • - Play Darts Against an Elephant (Thailand)

  • - Complete a Back Flip (Miami)

  • - First Class Ticket Around the World (2019)

  • - Get Married as Elvis (Las Vegas)

  • - Rappel through a Waterfall (Dominca)

  • - Dive with Sharks (Tiger Beach, West Palm)

  • - Offered to Play Professional Hockey (Erie)

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